Trending Programming Languages - Rust, Go, Kotlin, Swift, Clojure, Elixir

After browsing through the technology survey on the latest StackOverflow Developer Survey you will notice a few modern programming languages which are both trending upward in popularity and are loved by all developers who use them.

Applications: systems programming, backend development, web apps
Killer features: safe concurrency, performant, null safety
Competitors: C, C++, D, Go

Applications: networking and communications, web apps, systems programming, google cloud, backend development
Killer features: concurrency via goroutines and channels, readability, performant
Competitors: C, C++, D, Rust

Applications: android app development, JVM applications
Killer features: concise, null safety, multi-paradigm, interop with Java
Competitors: Java

Applications: iOS app development
Killer features: concise, null safety, multi-paradigm, interop with Objective-C
Competitors: Objective-C

Applications: backend development, web apps, JVM applications
Killer features: dynamic, functional, immutability, lisp-like, concurrency
Competitors: Scala

Applications: fault tolerant high availability applications, Erlang VM (BEAM) applications
Killer features: concise, performant, concurrency, immutability, fault tolerance
Competitors: Erlang

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