Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being a great tester

I just wanted to post a great little nugget of information from the end of Unit 1 of Software Testing: How to Make Software Fail (CS258) on Udacity, which is being taught by John Regehr and Sean Bennett.

  • The developer's attitude is "I want the code to succeed".
  • The tester's attitude is "I want the code to fail".
  • Although they seem contradictory, understand that you are both aiming to create more robust, higher quality software.
  • The developer aims to write quality code first time.
  • The tester aims to identify bugs which can then be fixed, thereby improving the robustness of the code.

Great testers ...

  • Test creatively - use their knowledge of the software under test to be creative in their test methods and test structure.
  • Don't ignore small glitches that are easy to overlook or ignore, but may hint at larger problems, which when followed up can often lead to major issues.

Watch the snippet on YouTube: Being a great tester (2 min, 33 sec)

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